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The Types of Window Glass for Your Home

December 19, 2022

Windows are both a functional and beautiful feature of every home and business. Unfortunately, the wrong windows, or poor windows, can create problems and eyesores for every home too. That is also why it is helpful to know the available types of window glass for your home.  Window Glass Types  There are many different window glass types. Some of those types of glass have very specific purposes, like security glass. Other types of glass, such as annealed glass, are more common and versatile. Here is a look at a few of the different window glass types you might find in... View Article

Types of Window Glass for Your Home

May 30, 2018

If you’re planning on replacing your home’s windows in Dodge City, KS, it’s advisable to do so in advance of the summer season. Replacing your windows prior to the onset of summer can help you save energy during the year’s hottest months, and increase your personal comfort level and your enjoyment of your home. Before replacing your windows, however, you should obtain a thorough understanding of the different types of glass commonly used in residential windows. Your home’s location, along with your lifestyle and your personal preferences, will ultimately determine the type of glass best suited for you. Working with... View Article

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