Types of Window Glass for Your Home

May 30, 2018

If you’re planning on replacing your home’s windows in Dodge City, KS, it’s advisable to do so in advance of the summer season. Replacing your windows prior to the onset of summer can help you save energy during the year’s hottest months, and increase your personal comfort level and your enjoyment of your home.

Before replacing your windows, however, you should obtain a thorough understanding of the different types of glass commonly used in residential windows. Your home’s location, along with your lifestyle and your personal preferences, will ultimately determine the type of glass best suited for you. Working with knowledgeable professionals at your local home improvement wholesaler can help you identify and select the glass type that is best suited for your personal needs.

Here are just some of the most common glass types used in residential windows, and their respective benefits:

  • Float glass: Float glass is a glass panel in its most basic form. This type of glass is created by pouring molten glass into a flat box. Float glass is often low-cost. However, it is also fragile and doesn’t offer any capacity for insulation. Float glass is rarely used in windows today.
  • Annealed, tempered and heat-strengthened glass: Annealing is the process of super-heating glass after its formation. Annealing processes make glass much stronger and less brittle than it is in its natural form. Tempering and heat strengthening are additional measures taken after annealing designed to improve the strength of glass.
  • Low-e glass: Low-emissivity (low-e) glass is coated with a special substance designed to reflect solar rays. This means that the low-e glass keeps your home cooler in the hot summer months. If you have south-facing windows, for instance, low-e windows are particularly valuable.
  • Mirrored glass: This type of glass is no longer commonly found in residential windows. However, it is often used in commercial applications. A thin layer of metal sheeting is applied to the back side of the glass, which creates the illusion of a mirror. This means that the glass is inherently reflective.
  • Insulated glass: Particularly well suited for homes in cold-weather climates, insulated glass windows consist of several layers of glass panes. Often, the area in between the glass panels is pumped full of argon, increasing the window’s insulating capabilities. Insulated glass is a valuable tool for homeowners hoping to reduce energy expenses.

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