How To Detect Your Windows Are Leaking Air

February 27, 2023

If there’s that one room in your house that always seems to be a dramatically different temperature than the rest, you’re probably frustrated and confused. You want answers, and you want that room to be as comfortable as the rest of your house. When the temperature of a room is too cold or too hot compared to other rooms, a window leak is a common offender. That’s where Wes-Kan Siding, Windows & Doors comes in. We’ll help you find window leaks and fix them so your home can feel comfortable in every room.

The Damage Window Leaks Can Do

The most obvious issue of damage related to window leaks is that you can feel the difference in the room. When it’s cold, you feel a chill rushing in, and when it’s hot, the heat becomes more oppressive when you have a window leak.

However, a window leak does more than just make you uncomfortable, it can lead to you wasting energy. Wasting energy is worse for the environment, and it costs you more money. Finding window leaks and fixing them increases both your home’s efficiency and comfort.

Signs of a Leaking Window

The number one sign of a leaking window is that your room temperature feels different from other rooms when it is hot or cold. You may also hear a hissing sound in general. When you stand close to the window, you may be able to feel that air rushing in. When you struggle to maintain a consistent temperature in a room, it’s time to look for leaks. These leaks can be especially prominent in older homes.

Find a Source of a Window Leak

When you’re trying to find a window leak, it helps to get all your senses involved.  You won’t always be able to see the leak, but you can often feel it. For example, you can put your hand near a window, and you may be able to feel the air. You can feel it both from the outside (given the window is accessible) and the inside.

Using your eyes to visually evaluate your windows that could be leaking is always a good first step. You may be able to see that there are gaps in corners or seals. If you don’t see anything, move on with your inspection because there might still be a leak!

Beyond just feeling, you can also use light to find leaks. When it’s daytime, you can turn off lights in the area you are testing and see if there are streams of light coming through. Of course, you will see the normal light coming through the window, but you may also see the light streaming from where the window should be sealed.

The candle or incense test is also common. You basically light a candle or stick of incense by your windows, and if the smoke is pulled out or you see that smoke wavers, you very likely have a leak in that area. With this method, use proper fire safety. Make sure there are no drapes or combustibles nearby.

Renting a thermal camera is another method homeowners use to find leaks. They can be rented from many hardware stores, and they show you energy leaks that may be occurring. All you have to do is look at areas of irregular thermal energy.

When in doubt, contact a professional who can see more surely and efficiently if you are having any leaking issues with your windows.

Let Wes-Kan Siding, Windows & Doors Help

If you need help sealing up or locating leaks, we’re the experts in our field, and you can contact us to get the high-quality service you need to make your home as comfy and energy efficient as possible. With decades in service, we know how to help you with your leaking windows better than most! We’re here to help those in and around Dodge City, Kansas.

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