The Types of Window Glass for Your Home

December 19, 2022

Windows are both a functional and beautiful feature of every home and business. Unfortunately, the wrong windows, or poor windows, can create problems and eyesores for every home too. That is also why it is helpful to know the available types of window glass for your home. 

Window Glass Types 

There are many different window glass types. Some of those types of glass have very specific purposes, like security glass. Other types of glass, such as annealed glass, are more common and versatile. Here is a look at a few of the different window glass types you might find in a home or business.

Float Glass

The basis of almost all types of glass is float glass. Float glass is a glass product manufactured in sheets before the application of treatments or alterations. While float glass is usable in this state, it does lack the strength of most treated glass options.

Tempered Glass

After annealed glass undergoes treatment to make it stronger and more break-resistant, it is then classified as tempered glass. Tempered glass is also one of the most common types of window glass for your home.

Laminated Safety Glass

When it comes to the strongest glass for homes and businesses, laminated safety glass is a step up from its peers. This type of glass uses the same glass technology found in vehicles. That means glass stays in the frame if broken and is less likely to spray shards. Laminated safety glass is one of the most popular options for homeowners and businesses focused on security.

Insulated Glass

Another one of the more popular window glass types for homes, insulated glass is typically double or triple-paned. Argon gas between the panes works as insulation in both warm and cold weather. 

Obscured Glass

This type of glass is more common in bathrooms and showers. Obscured glass permits light through while distorting images and figures as a result of its frosting or patterned glass treatment.

Get the Right Glass for Your Home or Office

There are many types of window glass for your home or business, and finding the right glass is about more than appearance. Finding the right window glass types will depend on your needs.

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