Why You Should Consider Bay Windows for Your Home

August 22, 2022

Are you wondering why you should consider bay windows? Bay windows consist of several segments and extend at an angle compared to other windows. With bay windows, you don’t just have to stay flat. They give you the option to expand beyond the surface. These are just some of the benefits, but read on to find out more about why you should consider them for your home.

Benefits of Bay Windows

The benefits of bay windows are endless. Here are several more reasons why you should consider adding them to your home.


The basic structure of a bay window is relatively set. However, there are still many other options that you can choose from to customize them. You can choose between 30, 45, 60, or 90-degree angles, depending on how far you would like your bay window to protrude and how deep you want the bench or shelf to be.

You can also choose from various window heights and shelf depths. A bay window lower to the ground normally has a bench and can be deeper to allow for seating. A bay window that sits at counter height, has more of a shallower shelf. This is a great way to decorate it with flowers and more.

There are also various layouts and configurations. Bay windows consist of three segments: the center window, and the two end windows, also known as flankers. There are a few configurations available. The most common layout is a central picture window with a casement or double-hung windows.

More Space

Bay window installation allows for more space. This is because they have a shelf. For bench-height bay windows, they can provide additional seating or a reading nook. You can even go a bit further and build small bookshelves into the walls next to the window. Furthermore, you can add storage cubes or cabinets to the wall underneath the bench.

Bay windows give off an illusion that there is more space in a room than there actually is. Essentially, they can make any room look bigger. This is because light can enter through various panels, reflect off of them, and in turn, make them appear more open and brighter.

Increase Value & Comfort

Bay windows provide better ventilation. Two-end windows tend to be working windows. No matter the style, you can easily open them up and enjoy a nice breeze when the weather permits.

Additionally, they add more natural light. This also helps to increase the comfort of the room overall. In addition to personal comfort and the atmosphere of a room, bay windows add an elegant aesthetic to your home.

Finally, they can increase the value of your home. If your bay windows are visible from the front of your home, it can help to increase the curb appeal. Between the aesthetic appeal and the additional square footage, you could easily see an increase in the resale value of your house.


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