The Pros and Cons of Wood Siding

May 24, 2022

Choosing the right finishes for your home can be such a huge hassle. If you are unsure of what finishes you might like, such as wood siding, it can be even more difficult. Wood siding is a great option, and if you want to know what some of the benefits and drawbacks of wood siding are, keep reading.

Why You Should Choose Wood Siding for Your Home

Wood siding, while beautiful, is also beneficial to your home in other ways. Wood siding is biodegradable, something that is not true of vinyl siding. Wood siding is also more sustainable. Unlike vinyl siding, wood siding is highly sustainable and can be a beautiful option for your home. With proper care, wood siding can last for decades. You need to wash and seal it regularly to ensure that water does not get into the wood and keep bugs out.

Vinyl siding is far less environmentally conscious as well. PVC is used to make vinyl siding, and its production releases toxins into the air. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of wood siding can help you decide if it will work best for you, or if some other siding option is going to be better suited.

Which is Best?

When it comes down to it, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The first is, of course, cost. Wood siding is going to cost about double what vinyl siding costs. This means that you will be investing more money into wood siding than you are vinyl. Another thing to keep in mind is that wood siding is more environmentally sound and easier to dispose of when you have them removed. Since they are wood, they can be recycled, and they will also naturally biodegrade.

You also want to keep the overall look of the siding in mind. Your siding will look very natural and classic if you use wood, whereas you can pick fun colors if you choose vinyl. The last thing to keep in mind is maintenance. Vinyl siding just needs to be washed every so often. Wood siding will need to be washed and sealed routinely to keep the siding in great shape and protect it from things like wind, water, weather, and bugs.

These are all things to remember when you are choosing your siding. Taking the time to talk with a professional can help you determine what will work best for you and for your home.  

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