How Storm Doors Can Protect Your Home

March 14, 2022

You might be among the very few people who have not seen The Wizard of Oz. If so, you likely have seen clips of the classic film’s Kansas tornado scene that does a great job of showing the extreme weather of Kansas. Homes in the state often experience a variety of weather extremes during all four seasons.

Tornadic activity and hailstorms in the warmer months and frigidly cold blizzards in the winter amply affirm the benefits of having a storm door on your Kansas home. A good storm door can help to keep all but the very worst of extreme weather outside your home.

Storm Doors Help to Keep Hot Summers Cooler

It helps to understand why storm doors are important when living in Kansas. Kansas is the hottest state in the Union. There are hotter locations. But no state averages the same consistently hot summertime temperature as Kansas due to the lack of mountains and potential for high humidity.

Helping to keep the hot air outside during the summer is one of the benefits of having a storm door. Storm doors with shatterproof windows help to prevent damage from hailstones. And storm doors could help to block flying debris picked up during a tornado or another wind storm.

Storm Doors Help to Block Cold Winter Air

It is very important to keep snow, wind and cold air outside during the cold winters in Kansas. You can do that with storm doors that create an effective seal against outdoor weather.

Many standard doors allow a small amount of wind and snow to possibly enter your home. Storm doors can keep that cold and snow on the outside while creating a thermal barrier between the outside and your indoor environment.

With the cold wind and snow kept outside of the storm doors, your home heating system can work more efficiently. You might even see a reduction in heating costs during the cold winter months.

Pests Have a Harder Time Entering Your Home

Storm doors also help to keep pests outside. Field mice and other common pests often make their way into homes through the small gaps at the bottom of doors. A storm door effectively blocks the potential pests from getting through the door and into your home. The additional barrier makes it much harder to penetrate a traditional wooden door or to squeeze through small gaps at the bottom and sides of doors.

Storm doors provide homeowners with many great advantages in Kansas. You just need to find the right ones to use.

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