How to Weatherproof Your Door

November 16, 2021

With autumn here and winter weather on the way, weatherproofing your door is the best way to get ready for the cold. Door weatherproofing prevents cold air from getting in and warm air from escaping. Not only are you less susceptible to drafts, but your energy bills will go down, too.

There are several different ways to weatherproof your door, and all of them are relatively inexpensive. Now is the perfect time to go around your home and fix any drafty doors before the cold fully sets in.

Here’s what you need:

  • Weatherstripping: Weatherstripping is a popular and easy way to prevent drafts at the bottom of your door. Simply purchase a roll of weatherstripping from your favorite home improvement store; then apply as directed to the bottom of your door. Some weatherstripping has an adhesive backing, while other types may require nails or screws to secure it in place. Follow the package directions to fill in the gaps between the bottom of the door and the ground.
  • Caulk: Caulk is a cheap and easy way to fill gaps around your doorframe. Use the applicator to fill in the gaps; then wait for it to dry completely. Try to use an even application technique, since you’ll be able to see the caulk around the frame and door trim. Pick a color that matches the doorframe and trim color.
  • Backer rod: For large gaps, cut a piece of backer rod to fill the gap. Add a bead of caulk to one side of the backer rod; then push it into place. You don’t need to worry about even caulk application, since it will be hidden by the backer rod.
  • Door sweeps: Door sweeps can fill in the gap between the bottom of your door and the floor—and it will help sweep up any debris you might track in, too. These require nails or screws for installation. Measure your door, and purchase a sweep in the appropriate size; then install so the bottom of the sweep is level with the floor.
  • Foam insulation: Spray foam insulation is often used to insulate in between walls, but it works well for doors, too. Use a pry bar to prop open the inner trim that holds the door. Shake the can vigorously; then use the nozzle and straw to spray foam in between the gaps. The foam will expand as it dries, so don’t worry if it looks uneven or moves out past the gaps in the frame. Once the spray foam is fully dried, trim the excess with a utility knife, and enjoy your newly-insulated door.
  • Fix the hardware: Finally, if your door hardware is outdated or doesn’t fit properly, it can cause the door to hang unevenly—that will let in drafts. Installing new hardware can help your door hang well, but you might want to ask a handy friend or hire a contractor to get the results you want.

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