What Are Storm Garage Doors?

August 12, 2021

Storm garage doors are also often called impact-resistant garage doors. These doors are built to withstand high winds and other damage from hurricanes. It’s especially important to invest in storm garage doors if you live in an area that experiences plenty of strong windstorms. Hurricanes could easily do plenty of damage to your home. Prevent these heavy storms from doing major damage to your vehicle and other precious possessions by investing in top-quality storm garage doors.

Read on to learn more about storm garage doors and their importance.

What makes storm garage doors different?

Storm garage doors are different from regular garage doors in many ways. First of all, storm garage doors are made to be much more durable than regular ones. All storm garage doors feature at least one layer of steel, with some featuring additional layers of wood, aluminum or steel. They also feature a much heavier gauge track, which prevents them from moving during high winds. Some storm garage doors can withstand high winds up to speeds of 200 miles per hour.

While storm garage doors are different in many ways, like standard doors, they are available in many different styles and designs. You can easily find a storm garage door that works well with the aesthetic of your home. Good storm garage doors offer plenty of style and function.

Which states require wind-resistant garage doors?

If your state experiences extremely high winds at any point of the year, it’s good to invest in storm garage doors. In fact, some states actually have requirements when it comes to a garage door’s wind-resistance levels. These states include Florida, Kansas, California, Missouri, Nevada and Utah. You can easily find the requirements in your state by contacting your local building department. Chances are that a reputable garage door dealer in the area will know these requirements as well.

The importance of storm garage doors

If you want to truly protect your home from hurricanes and other strong windstorms, it’s important to invest in storm garage doors. These doors will not only help protect your possessions but the lives of the people inside your home as well. Safety and security are the main reasons many people have already purchased storm garage doors for their homes.

Standard garage doors just don’t get the job done in areas prone to high winds. Flying debris can easily batter and permanently damage garage doors; strong enough winds can even blow the door off completely. You can avoid paying expensive repairs down the line by purchasing a top-quality storm garage door today.

Another good reason to invest in a storm garage door is that it can help lower your insurance rates. Insurance rates can be especially high in areas that experience frequent windstorms, so it’s good to save money where you can.

Don’t wait any longer. Properly protect your home by getting a new storm garage door today. Reach out to Wes-Kan Siding Windows & Doors, and ask about the many storm door options we have available!

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