Which Siding Is Best for Your Home?

March 15, 2021

On top of ensuring your home looks its best, siding is responsible for protecting you from the elements and providing insulation. But it’s important to note that all siding is not created equal—some types of siding look better than others, while others are longer lasting and provide better insulation. Continue reading to learn which sidings that will best fit your home and your style in Dodge City, KS.


When it comes to affordability, vinyl siding is the top choice on the market. Even though it’s cheaper than other options and doesn’t require much maintenance, it doesn’t lack in quality or appearance. Vinyl can be designed to look like expensive wood or stone. In addition to the different textures, vinyl comes in any color you can imagine.

It’s important to note that vinyl does have a few drawbacks. If it’s not installed correctly, moisture can build up behind the siding and cause significant damage to your home.


It’s tough to beat the classic appearance of wood siding, which is why it’s a popular choice across the globe. Wood siding will also add significant value to your home and make it stand out within your neighborhood. You have a variety of different woods to choose from, and each wood can be stained or painted to match your personal style.

The biggest drawback of wood is that it’s susceptible to rot, pests and other types of damage. Thankfully, maintaining your siding by cleaning it and re-staining it every few years can help to prevent damage.


Stone siding is another classic appearance that improves the value of any home, but unlike wood, stone siding doesn’t require much maintenance and can last an entire lifetime without needing repairs or replacement. Depending on the type of stone used, this siding could very well add the most value to your home.

Although it’s one of the top sidings that will best fit your home and your style in Dodge City, KS, stone is expensive! Stone siding can cost up to $50 per square foot. You’ll also need to choose a top-notch contractor for installation to ensure a long-lasting product.


At first thought, it might sound a little strange to add steel siding to a residential home, but you might be surprised! Because it’s the most durable siding and comes in a variety of colors and textures, steel is a fantastic option in any neighborhood. Steel is also low maintenance and fire resistant.

Unfortunately, steel is not the best insulator, nor the cheapest siding option. But as long as you hire a pro to install it, steel will last a lifetime without needing replacement.

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