Reasons to Support Local Businesses During the Pandemic

November 18, 2020

Small businesses have always had their advantages, but shopping locally during the pandemic makes them even more important. Though large corporations remain popular, places across the country like Dodge City, KS depend heavily on local businesses. Here’s why you should choose to shop locally instead of at larger stores.

Money remains in the community

Local business owners have taken a huge hit from COVID-19, so it’s important to shop locally during the pandemic. Nationwide conglomerates keep getting bigger and take money out of your community in the process. Local business owners buy merchandise and services from other businesses in town, so supporting one business indirectly supports your entire community. Shopping locally is a great way to grow the local economy as a whole, even if you only visit a few stores from time to time.

Local businesses generously donate

Local business owners run their business and live in the same community. Unlike gigantic corporations, they’re a lot more familiar with the goings on around town and care passionately about their fellow neighbors. This is why local businesses are more likely to fund nonprofits and in larger amounts compared to nationally recognized stores. The money you put towards a local purchase could help someone in need. Choosing to shop local instead of at larger stores has more visible effects on the greater good.

Reduce the carbon footprint

Shopping locally is also better for the environment. Employees, customers and business owners have to travel a shorter distance than they do when driving to a faraway chain store. When employees both live and work in Dodge City, KS, they have the option to walk or ride a bike to their local businesses. This not only shortens commuting time, but reduces carbon emissions from vehicles. Since local businesses get their wares close to home, supply trucks cut back on pollution as well.

Owners provide more jobs

Shopping locally during the pandemic is necessary in order to help Dodge City, KS recover from economic loss. Unemployment rates skyrocketed earlier this year and haven’t returned to normal levels yet. Thankfully, the local business collective has proven to be the largest employer in the country. Supporting your mom-and-pop stores keeps them in business and creates job opportunities in the midst of an economic crisis.

Employees care about you

Local businesses provide unparalleled customer service. That’s because owners don’t see you as a customer made of money—you’re treated like a neighbor. A sense of community is important now more than ever, which is why everyone should choose to shop locally instead of at larger stores. Owners also have a specific area of expertise, which means their knowledge base can help you better than a manager at a chain store.

You can find a local business for every type of service, and home improvement is no exception. Wes-Kan Siding Windows & Doors calls Dodge City, KS home and vows to help the community in any way we can. We’re not only local, but also provide the expertise you need for quality installations. If you want to shop locally, Wes-Kan Siding Windows & Doors is a great choice. We hope to hear from you soon!

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