How to Choose Your Garage Door Material

August 18, 2020

Anyone who owns their own home understands the importance of maintaining its entrances and exits. The garage door is no different. Where most people devote much of their attention to the strength, security and utility of their front and back doors, the choice of garage door is also critical. When the time comes for a garage door upgrade in Dodge City, KS, you want to be sure that your new door is ready and able to meet your needs.

What type of garage door should I get?

Before you decide on the right material, you should have a basic idea of what kinds of garage doors are out there. Typically, garage doors come in one of four varieties:

  • Swing out: A garage door that is one solid piece will swing out from the base in one swooping arc.
  • Swing up: Swing-up garage doors are one big piece like swing-out garage doors. Rather than remain suspended while extended from your garage, however, a swing-up garage door will fold back into your garage.
  • Roll up: Far and away the most common type of garage doors, roll-up doors are a series of panels that can be easily retracted into your garage.
  • Slide to side: Slide-to-side doors look like old-fashioned barn doors. They meet in the middle and can be pulled open.

There are some variations on these types of doors, but these are the four most common. Once you’ve chosen what kind of garage door renovation in Dodge City, KS you’re looking for, it’s time to pick the material.


The most popular form of garage door is steel. They are low maintenance and can easily cover the distance required for a two-car garage. Steel doors are also upgradeable and can be matched with a dent-proof fiberglass overlay.


If you have room in your budget, then wood and wood composite doors are timeless classics. They require more maintenance than steel doors on an average basis, but that extra work is offset by their immense customization capabilities.


For those homeowners with larger garages, a lighter-weight aluminum garage door could be perfect for their needs. The drawback of aluminum is its frequency to bend or dent when hit.


If you’re worried about breaking or denting your garage door, then vinyl is the way to go. These garage doors are referred to as “kid-proof” because of their tendency to hold up to even severe abuse and accidents.

Your garage door pros

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