What Are the Benefits of Storm Windows?

May 4, 2020

Windows are one of the rare home features that do as much for the interior as they do for the exterior. But to fully reap the benefits of windows, it’s important that they’re strong, efficient and easy to use. What this means is that you need to invest wisely in window upgrades. Take storm window installation, for example—storm windows are different from standard residential windows in that they are built to stand up to inclement weather.

If you are thinking about replacing the regular windows on your home with reinforced windows, then the following information is for you. Read on for a list of five storm window benefits in Dodge City, KS:

  • Energy efficiency: Quality storm windows for homes and businesses are extremely efficient. These types of windows help you save energy all year round, because they keep the outside air out and your power bills low, and they save you from having to invest in new windows too soon.
  • Easy to install: Replacing windows is one home improvement project that should be handled by a professional. An experienced window installer can get your new storm windows installed in a day or two, although the length of time for a professional installation depends on the number of windows. Another reason to hire a professional is to avoid frustration. He or she can install windows without disturbing your daily life or creating a huge mess.
  • Insulation power: When installed correctly, storm windows add insulation. Storm window manufacturers will add air space between the glass panes and fill the space with gas, making it much harder for air to pass through the opening. This particular type of window design helps keep heat in and the cold out during the winter months, and the cool air inside during hot summers.
  • Reduces outside noise: A comfortable indoor living environment requires not only a comfy temperature, but peace and quiet, too. Along the same lines as the fact that storm windows are capable of adding home insulation is the fact that they’re able to reduce the effects of disturbing outside noise. Yes, storm windows protect your home from the wrath of stormy weather, but they are also meant to dampen the sounds you hear from nearby busy roads, construction crews, loud neighbors, storm noise and barking dogs.
  • Boosts exterior appeal: Say goodbye to ugly windows and a drafty house! You can purchase storm windows in just about any color you want. Choosing storm windows that match the exterior color of your home and the style around your property is easy—especially when you seek assistance from expert storm window suppliers and a professional installation team.

Of all the aforementioned storm window benefits for Dodge City, KS homes, the most important is protecting your family and belongings from the wrath of Mother Nature. Hire a locally-owned business with the right knowledge and experience to install your new windows. Call Wes-Kan Siding Windows & Doors today to learn more or schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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