How Do I Know if a Steel Door Is Right for Me?

February 7, 2020

The most traditional and most common material for front doors on homes is wood. It’s what typically comes standard on new home builds, and it’s been around since the early days of single-family homes. However, there’s another option: steel doors. Negative impressions of steel doors’ size, weight and appearance often keep homeowners from even considering one for their front door. But all these stereotypes of steel doors are not true. Steel doors are relatively lightweight and available in a variety of customizable sizes and styles, and in many cases, they’re actually less expensive than solid wood doors.

Providing great security at an affordable price, steel doors are a common choice of many homeowners. Steel doors are extremely weather resistant and offer a nice heft, making them great choices for homeowners seeking a long-term door solution.

Below are five advantages of choosing steel doors for your Dodge City, KS home or business:

  • Durability: Steel doors work on any exterior entryway, but they are mostly installed in front entries—and for good reason. If the front door is your most-used door, then a steel door should be on your list of possible replacement doors. They stand up wonderfully in high-traffic environments, where a door is likely to be opened and closed on a regular basis. You can get rough with a steel door and it will still last you decades.
  • Noise dampening: Many people find outside noise a nuisance—especially when loud sounds make it through doors and windows. You would probably agree that less noise is better for your sanity, health and productivity, which is why a quiet inside environment is ideal. Steel doors go through a sound transmission coefficient test to determine their ability to block sound—they pass with the highest ratings of any door material.
  • Energy efficiency: Steel doors for homes are not constructed of solid metal. Instead, they have two thin plates of 24- or 22-gauge steel with a core of high-density polyurethane foam (solid insulation) pressed between them. This creates a thermal resistance similar to a fiberglass door, a feature that earns it the Energy Star certification.
  • Storm safety: There are doors and windows specifically rated for protection against extreme weather conditions, but a standard steel door is a great option, too. Steel doors are the ideal choice to install in homes and businesses in areas where tornadoes and hurricanes occur, as they have the highest hurricane resistance power of any door on the market.
  • Longevity: Steel is naturally strong, consistently outperforming all door materials in resisting abuse, like harsh weather conditions, vandalism and regular slamming. Steel doesn’t crack or dent easily, is relatively easy to clean and maintain and will last a very long time.

Wes-Kan Siding Windows & Doors is a locally owned business offering quality products and peace of mind to customers for more than 20 years. We look forward to helping you choose the ideal front door for your home. Contact our team to learn more about the benefits of steel doors in Dodge City, KS!

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