How Can I Improve My Home with Doors?

September 20, 2019

You open and close doors every day to get into and out of your house, and to go from room to room, perhaps even taking out a little aggression on them occasionally. Doors in Dodge City, KS don’t often get the recognition they deserve. It may take years to notice a door’s decline. One day you’re walking up to your front door and realize how awful it looks, or drafts start seeping in when cold weather sets in. Sometimes it takes an outside person to point out that your home’s doors are falling apart.

However, doors can do way more than just grant you access to your living spaces. Nice-looking doors can boost aesthetics and increase the value of your property. Saving money on energy bills is another possible benefit of properly functioning doors. If you want to improve some aspects of your home, then you might consider adding, replacing or updating old doors. Here’s why.


There’s so much added convenience when you convert windows in your house to doors. Not only will a window-to-door conversion add more ways to enter and exit your home, it can also make outdoor entertaining more enjoyable. Whether spring, summer or fall, having sliding doors takes the hassle out of carrying food and beverages from the kitchen all the way around to the back patio. A professional from a locally-owned business can install sliding or traditional doors in place of windows or a plain wall. No matter the type of back patio door you choose, make sure it’s visually appealing and energy efficient.

Boost curb appeal

In addition to installing new sliding doors in Dodge City, KS, consider investing in a worthwhile window treatment: fitted blinds. Because sliding doors typically lead to open outdoor living spaces, more often than not you encounter wind when you open the doors. Using blinds that sit between the two panes of glass means blinds won’t blow around every time the door is opened.

Then there’s the front door. Your home’s front door is one of the first things your guests see when they walk up to your house. It’s also the feature that greets you when you return after a long day at work. Old weather-worn and beat-up doors can make your home feel depressing, while new doors are inviting and warm. Also, attractive front doors are more likely to increase the value of your property.

Energy savings and lower bills

When you replace old doors with new doors made of a sturdy solid wood or other material and seal them properly, your home will be more energy efficient and you may end up saving money on your monthly energy bills. Fiberglass doors are practical, affordable and easy to maintain. Real wood doors, although pricier than other materials, are beautiful and pretty resistant to wear and tear. Since many quality doors are insulated to keep the elements out, you remain comfortable without constantly having to adjust the thermostat.

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