The Importance of Supporting Locally Owned Businesses

July 4, 2019

When you’re deciding which business to choose when you need to buy new doors in Dodge City, KS, there are a lot of different factors that you have to take into account. One of the things that consumers often take for granted is whether or not a business is locally based. While you might not think that this factor should have much of a practical impact on your experience with a service provider, the reality is that supporting local businesses can make a huge difference, not just for you, but also for your community. Here’s how:

  • Job creation: Large corporations typically capitalize on opportunities to outsource labor to cut costs, and this can reduce the number of job opportunities that a business brings to the area. Small businesses outsource less and they create more jobs in the areas where they are based. This can have a big impact on the local economy and help them contribute to greater local economic growth than larger businesses.
  • Innovation: Small businesses often have to work harder to compete against large corporations, and that lends itself to more creativity and innovation. To compete with the cost-saving measures that large businesses are able to take, small businesses have to be very good at what they do. This level of quality is often clear to customers, and it can result in significantly better purchases and project outcomes.
  • Better environmental outcomes: One of the most significant benefits of supporting small businesses is that it can promote more positive environmental outcomes. Since small businesses are more likely to source products, materials and labor locally, they have a much lower impact on the environment than larger businesses that import many of their resources from overseas.
  • Higher incomes: Communities with strong small businesses statistically have a larger middle class and less income inequality. Large corporations are modeled to generate as much profit as possible for owners and board members while paying the lowest wages possible to workers and taking advantage of tax breaks. Small business owners are much more likely to pay their workers better wages to maintain loyalty and ensure that they can retain the best team of employees.
  • Stronger sense of community: Strong small businesses can foster a stronger sense of community among residents. The relationships that small businesses create in neighborhoods are typically far more meaningful than the relationships that larger corporate businesses have in communities. Small businesses are more likely to get products and materials from other small businesses, which helps develop even stronger social ties within a community.

Let a local business help with your doors in Dodge City, KS!

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