Control Moisture and Window Condensation in Your Home with High-Quality Doors and Windows in Dodge City, KS

February 7, 2019

During the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter, there’s an elevated chance that you’ll have issues with condensation on the windows in your home. This is a phenomenon often referred to as “sweaty windows,” and occurs when there’s a mixture of high humidity and low temperatures. This problem is especially annoying in the winter, because the condensation will not just obscure your view, but could actually then freeze on the glass.

It doesn’t always matter what type of window material you have or who manufactured it—if the conditions are right, humidity will condense on your windows. Here’s some information to know about window condensation and what you can do to control it beyond investing in high-quality doors and windows in Dodge City, KS:

  • Drapes and shades: Drapes and other window coverings can restrict the flow of warm air in your home over glass surfaces. This means condensation on the windows is more likely to occur if the drapes are closed and shades are pulled. If you want to avoid this problem, keep your windows unobstructed.
  • Inner condensation causes: If you have condensation collecting in the inner surfaces of storm windows, this is likely due to air leaking outward past the inner window and then getting trapped by a tight-fitting storm window. The moisture in that air condenses onto the glass surface of the storm window. A lot of storm windows will have vents that go to the outside to help alleviate this issue.
  • Double pane: If you have single-pane glass windows, this could also be a cause of condensation. You can resolve the issue by replacing those windows with double-pane glass with low-E coating and argon gas filling. While this is not necessarily going to completely eliminate your condensation issues, it should help to significantly cut down on the problem.
  • Issues with excess humidity: You might be wondering what excess humidity could do to your home if left unchecked. An overabundance of humidity could result in moisture passing through your walls and then freezing in the insulation. When it melts in the spring, it could cause some damage to your walls and ceiling, and might even be able to force through the siding to form blisters under paint on the exterior of your house. The longer the problem goes unchecked, the more likely it is to cause structural damage that could be quite expensive to fix.
  • Note where condensation is a problem: Condensation is most likely to be a problem in climates where the average temperatures in January are 35 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler. Obviously, this includes Kansas.
  • Consider the age of the home: The older your home, the more susceptible it’s likely to be to condensation issues.

For more information about condensation and how you can control it in your home, contact the team at Wes-Kan Siding Windows & Doors about attempting to resolve the issue with brand-new doors and windows in Dodge City, KS. We can help you select products that will meet your needs while also working within your budget.

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