Choosing a Garage Door to Improve Your Home

January 24, 2019

Installing a brand-new garage door is not only beneficial for the quality of your garage, but can also help you improve the value of your entire home.

A report from Remodeling magazine indicates garage door replacement is one of the most efficient ways to increase your home value, providing an outstanding return on investment. According to the study, installing a brand-new garage door can bring back an estimated 76.9 percent of the project costs upon the resale of your house, which makes it an ideal project to take on if you’re trying to add some quick value to your home before selling it.

But even if you’re not selling your home, it’s certainly a project worth considering, especially if you’ve got an old garage door that’s no longer in the best of condition. Today’s garage doors in Dodge City, KS are constructed in ways that allow them to hold up to the elements for many years, while also increasing the energy efficiency in your home (assuming it’s attached to your house or heated) and reduce noise.

There are also many different types of materials available for your garage door. Wood and steel continue to be favorites—wood offers a great deal of natural beauty and traditional appeal, while steel is low-maintenance and highly durable.

Keep in mind that if you have an attached garage, the garage door will take up about a third of the front exterior of your home, so you should be sure to select a style of garage door that’s going to complement the architectural style of your home while also providing you with those increased energy efficiency benefits.

Here are just a few considerations to keep in mind for certain styles of homes:

  • Craftsman homes: Craftsman homes tend to use large, double-hung wooden windows and divided-light grilles. The type of garage door that’s going to best complement these architectural features is going to have arched, divided-light windows of its own, matching the windows of the home while also providing a bit more light to the inside of the garage. Wooden doors for craftsman homes are also recommended for stylistic purposes.
  • Contemporary homes: The most popular choices for modern garage doors are pebbled or powder-coated glass with stained wood styles and sleek, straight lines. There are many different materials and color options that will give yours the appearance you need to complement your home.
  • Colonial and Victorian homes: For Victorian and colonial homes, carriage house-style doors are quite popular, especially when made custom for the home in wood or steel. Here, pay special attention to the type of hardware you use—iron hinges or handles and other types of decorative hardware add a lot of appeal to these types of homes.

These are just a few tips that will help you select the best garage doors in Dodge City, KS for your home. For more information about the options we have available, contact the team at Wes-Kan Siding Windows & Doors today. We look forward to helping you!

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