What Homeowners on a Budget Should Fix First

December 20, 2018

You’ve just moved into a brand-new home, but it’s a bit of a fixer upper. You probably have a whole lot of parts of your home that need some upgrades, but after spending all that money on a down payment for the house, you’re probably not too keen to work on it all at once.

So, when you’re working with a bit of a tight budget as a new homeowner, what are the areas you should prioritize? Here are just a few tips.

New windows

New windows in Dodge City, KS are going to have a bit of a large upfront cost you’ll have to pay, but the value they create for your home, plus the savings they provide you in the long run, are more than worth it if you opt for energy-efficient varieties.

Energy-efficient windows substantially cut down on the costs associated with heating and cooling, because they are better insulated and are capable of regulating your interior temperature. As such, they also cut down on the amount of strain you put on your HVAC system, which means your furnace and air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to get the same results. This can keep those expensive systems running effectively for significantly longer as well.

Of course, there are also the benefits of improved aesthetics and comfort to consider. Old windows are often drafty, which means you will have a harder time being comfortable in your own home. They’re also much more likely to look like they’re in shoddy condition, which can really do a number on your home’s curb appeal. Brand-new windows add a lot to a home’s aesthetics.

New siding

New siding is another way you can increase energy efficiency while improving your home’s aesthetic appeal. Replacing the siding gives you a chance to add some insulation to your exterior walls, while the siding itself can also add some R-value to your home to better restrict the transfer of air into and out of your space. It also allows you to implement new moisture and wind barriers (referred to as house wrap) to keep wind and moisture out while still helping your home breathe, ultimately reducing drafts.

And of course, there are few things that can better boost the exterior aesthetics of your home than brand-new siding, especially if you’re living in an old house that has siding that is clearly deteriorating.

New doors

Many older homes still have the original front doors on them, which means they are likely to be banged up and in need of replacement. Replacing the doors also gives you a chance to seek more energy-efficient options, which are better insulated for easier temperature regulation and capable of creating better seals to prevent air from getting into and escaping your home.

Of course, you may just wish to continue using the original door, depending on the material it’s made out of, and refinish it so it looks brand new.

For more tips about which home projects to prioritize, contact Wes-Kan Siding Windows & Doors about new doors and windows in Dodge City, KS.

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