Why Do I Need a Storm Door?

August 31, 2018

Your door is much more than just the entryway to your home. It provides guests with a first impression of your house and keeps your house secure (just so long as it’s locked!). All homes have doors, but fewer homes have additional storm doors. What are storm doors, and should you install one at your house? Continue reading to find out!

What is a storm door?

First things first, let’s establish what storm doors in Dodge City, KS actually are. A storm door is an outer door that protects your door in harsh weather, and allows air to blow through your home on nice days without letting bugs inside. Most storm doors have interchangeable glass and screen panels. The screen panels are nice in the spring and summer when you want some fresh air inside.

Benefits of storm doors

People wouldn’t install storm doors if they didn’t have a number of great benefits. Here are several reasons why people choose to add a storm door to their home:

  • Storm protection: As their name implies, and as we’ve touched on above, storm doors in Dodge City, KS protect your door during storms. Whether it’s rain, sleet or snow, a storm door will keep your door protected. You’d be amazed at how much longer the paint on a front door will last if it has the added protection of a storm door in front of it.
  • Fresh air: Storm doors wouldn’t be as popular if they only had a purpose during lousy weather. When it’s nice out, a storm door allows you to open up your regular door and let some fresh air in, while keeping any pests out. There’s nothing quite like having a pleasant summer breeze blow through your home, just as long as bugs don’t get inside!
  • Natural light: Fresh air isn’t the only thing that gets in when you have a storm door—more sunlight does, too! Tons of sunshine in your house makes your home feel warmer and more inviting. More sunshine puts you in a better mood and allows you to cut back on turning on so many lights inside.
  • Energy efficiency: Keeping your home energy efficient and your monthly bills low is the name of the game nowadays. Adding insulation to your home and installing energy-efficient appliances can do a lot to cut down on your monthly heating and cooling bills, but there’s still one more thing you can do: install a storm door! The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a storm door can prevent up to 50 percent of energy loss. A storm door is a relatively modest investment that can save you big bucks in the long run.

Whether you’re interested in installing new doors in Dodge City, KS or you’d like to install a storm door, make Wes-Kan Siding Windows & Doors your go-to choice for installation. We have a wide selection of doors in all styles and colors that’ll perfectly match your home’s exterior and fit your personality. Give us a call today to start planning out your new door!

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