Avoid DIY House Siding: Why You Should Hire a Professional

October 2, 2020

DIY house projects in Dodge City, KS are a fun way to upgrade your home and feel productive on the weekend, but your home’s siding shouldn’t be one of these projects. No matter how handy you are with a hammer and nails, unless you’re a siding contractor, you should let the professionals handle your home’s exterior. Doing it yourself risks pitfalls like improper installation, structural damage and more.

Here’s why this is one project you should leave to the pros:

  • You might not choose the best siding for your climate: Before you can install your siding, you have to pick it out—and if you’re going strictly by budget, you risk problems like not picking the appropriate type of siding for the Kansas climate. The hot, humid summers and snowy winters are a lot to handle, so you need to pick siding that can stand up to the climate. Professional siding contractors can show you various options that will be right for your budget and the weather, based on their knowledge and experience.
  • You could damage the siding itself: Siding is not cheap, and there’s no real way to practice your technique before starting the project. When you try doing it yourself, you risk damaging all that costly material—and it still might not be properly installed when it’s all said and done.
  • You might improperly install the siding: YouTube tutorials are great, but there’s no substitute for experience. Siding has to be precisely installed so moisture can’t intrude (let alone anything else, like insects and other pests). Even when it looks like you’ve installed the siding perfectly, you probably don’t have the experience to spot problem spots. That can lead to mold and rot, which will seriously damage the structural integrity of your home—and lead to even more costly repairs.
  • You’re not as familiar with how to avoid problems: Finally, although a lack of experience plays into all the points above, it really can’t be overemphasized how much experience matters. Siding contractors are trained and educated in siding installation, then spend a period as an apprentice to gain hands-on experience. That means they’ve spent plenty of time installing siding as well as learning how to spot and avoid potential problems. Their industry and construction knowledge far exceeds what you can learn by browsing the internet for a few hours. Some DIY projects are low-stakes enough that you can go ahead and do them without serious consequences if they go wrong, such as painting your kitchen. When it comes to a project that is supposed to protect the structure of your home and look great at the same time, however, you’re better off leaving it to the professionals.

Whether you’re interested in vinyl, wood, steel or stone siding, Wes-Kan Siding Windows & Doors can supply and install the right type for you. When you’re ready to refinish your home’s exterior, remember the DIY approach to your home’s siding in Dodge City, KS will not suffice. Give us a call instead. Our superior selection is available to browse at our showroom—come check it out today!

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